What are the advantages to power washing?

Pressure washing adds aesthetic value and curb appeal to your home or business, but there are so many more benefits. It can also reduce potential health and hazards from mold and mildew, it gets rid of slip hazards like oil slicks in parking lots, it maintains the longevity of your roof, and so much more. Regular maintenance of your home is important, and we recommend having one thorough pressure wash once a year, with additional cleanings as needed.

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Is power washing safe for all surfaces?

Our experienced technicians are trained to assess each surface and determine the appropriate washing methods. We utilize different techniques, including “soft washing,” and a variety of solvents and detergents that are safe and effective on nearly any surface, from vinyl, stone, concrete, brick, wood, and more.

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How long will it take to pressure wash my home or business?

Pressure washing may take as little as thirty minutes or it could take hours. It depends not only on the size of the home or commercial building, but how dirty it is, as well as how accessible exterior surfaces are. No matter the job, we will see it through start to finish, with outstanding results at the end.

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can you clean a new driveway with stains and tire marks?

Absolutely! We use a low pressure method called “soft washing” and specially designed solutions to make your driveway look bright and new again.

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